David Beckham Wants His Own MLS Franchise
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Monday, 09 March 2009 05:35
Soccer sensation David Beckham said recently that he would be interested in owning his own major league soccer team in America, this after trying to opt out of his contract with the L.A. Galaxy and head back to Europe a few weeks ago. "I have the right to own an MLS franchise, which I will action immediately after I have stopped playing football," said Beckham.

Hold your horses everyone. Becks loves American soccer after all! Either that, or this is a very badly disguised attempt to make it seem like he does. So badly disguised, in fact, it made me laugh. I call this a public relations campaign to win back the hearts of MLS fans.
However, ood PR is invisible, and this is the direct opposite of good PR.

According to The Sun, "Angry Galaxy fans flooded message boards yesterday." The paper quoted "fan spokesman" Mike Barloewen who said, "This 'deal' makes me sick. I don’t want to see David in our uniform ever again. This is just stupid." Sorry Mike. That's just not going to happen. "Angry Mike" is right though. This is just stupid. So stupid that I wonder if Becks is now doing his own PR (hard times and all). Maybe he was thinking, "Hmm, American fans hate me now…How can I get them to love me again?"

Scornful comments by the truckload, please!

Unless of course, you think Beckham is serious about his commitment to the development of soccer in the States and/or his commitment to converting Lakers cheerleaders in L.A. Galaxy cheerleaders.

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