Freddy Montero of The Seattle Sounders FC: A Personal Reflection
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Friday, 27 March 2009 22:27

The Seattle Sounders started their history as the latest franchise in Major League Soccer with the acquisition of Freddy Montero in 2009. The MLS has never been the same.

The history of soccer in the United States of America was witness to the first game between the Seattle Sounders and the more experienced New York Red Bulls. It appeared that the Red Bulls underestimated the Seattle Sounders and Freddy Montero.

It was a mistake that was to cost the team dearly as Freddy Montero scored the first two goals of the inaugural MLS Game in Seattle. He then proceeded to hammer a nail in the coffin of New York as the Sounders defeated it 3-0.

The soccer world in the United States of America has been celebrating Freddy Montero as if he was the latest fad. It is time for another tribute to a soccer great that is starting his career.

Freddy Montero is a forward for the Seattle Sounders who is currently on loan from the Colombian Club Deportivo Cali. Freddy Montero was born on the 26th of July 1987 in Campos De La Cruz, Colombia.

His full name is Freddy Henkyer Montero Munoz and he started his career with Deportivo Cali at the age of 13. His expertise and discipline earned him a contract with Deportivo Cali after only one tryout.

During his career with Deportivo Cali, Freddy Montero participated in victories over the National Colombian youth team and an equalized game against Juventus FC of Italy. Actually, the victory was against the youth team of Juventus FC.

His career with Deportivo Cali was 20 goals within 38 appearances. He was also loaned out to Atletico Huila. During his time with Atletico Huila, he scored 22 goals in 27 appearances.

Freddy Montero was also a top scorer in the Copa Mustang for Atletico Huila before returning to Deportivo Cali.

Copa Mustang is a competition of the Colombian National Team with a rich history of its own in the world of Football Soccer.

It should be remembered that before signing with the Seattle Sounders, Freddy Montero received his first cap for Colombia during its game against Panama in the year 2007.

Before Freddy Montero became famous for giving the Seattle Sounders their first victory as an MLS Franchise in an inaugural game, he managed to score nine goals within nine games of the MLS Preseason.

Freddy Montero is the future of Football Soccer and is deserving of his success. My best wishes to him and the Seattle Sounders FC.

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